You’re Not the Boss of Me NOW!!

Have you ever heard the great They Might Be Giantís Song, ìYouíre Not the Boss of Me Now!î – itís the theme song for ìMalcolm in the Middle.î I enjoy it and sing it often, usually to my son when Iím trying to assert the idea that I have a semblance of control in my life (and he chuckles, ìFoolish mortalî).

My parents came down to visit on Thursday – the Gran had a hair appointment, and I had made some pathetic mentions that I didnít know when Iíd get to see Dad again anytime soon (she can read between the lines very well). While she was getting her mane tamed, Dad and I got into discussions that were theological in nature. I asked him how his church was doing, and he said, ìOh, weíre going under a *major* paradigm shift up at Rose Valley.î Iím not realizing that lots of things are major in Dadís life, whether other people are on board or not. But this truly is a big deal cause I checked it out with my mom. 🙂

Dadís paradigm shift: from initiating to receiving. In the initial Adam&Eve/God relationship God was the initiator and they were the receivers. But then they tried to be like God – to initiate – and the fall happened. So, itís our intended role to be the receivers, to receive what God has for us, to participate in what Heís already doing.

How can this occur? By having prayer times full of praise and thanksgiving rather than a list of requests. Dad said folks began their days with worship and praise, and their level of peace has increased dramatically. When a person comes to mind that you have a concern for, ask God what your role or involvement is – to help them, to hold them in His healing light, etc.

My mind is full of ìbutsî, and I find myself so often praying requests rather than praising. Itís hard to release the illusion that Iím in control, that I call the shots: ìGod, I want you to fix this and this and heal this person and save this situation and bring blessings into my life and give me direction.î Itís like Iím sticking my fingers in my ears and my tongue out at God and singing, ìYouíre Not the Boss of Me NOW!î, when really, he wrote the lick.

What Dad said is HUGE. Do you realize how big that is? Are we supposed to? I could analyze and criticize and dissect it to bits as my Renaissance natures desires ñ but Iím not gonna. Rather, Iím going to have faith: appreciate: live as God grafts into my life a new way of being.

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