Wall Street Friends Church Has A Nice Ring To It

Today the Little Man and I went to visit the Hubby at work, which happens to be my former place of employment, which happens to be my motherís former place of employment . . . but I digress. We happened to visit a friend who works in the Mar/Comm department. She mentioned that her boss is going to be teaching a Marketing class that she will be TAing. My interest was peaked: not only do I really like her and respect her bossí knowledge and experience, but Iíve been gaining an interest in marketing, particularly in how it relates to ìchurch lifeî.

Coming from a Quaker background, Iím not interested in the high-tech, super-glossy type of marketing, but more the idea of how to get to know your ìpeopleî, to go out to the people rather than making them come in search of the ìbusiness/churchî. The terms ìmarketingî and ìadvertisingî are often received with cynicism: many times products have been buoyed up to be ìnew and improvedî or ìthe answer to all your problems!î, when really all they did was change the font on the label. But what would authentic marketing and advertising look like? Is there such a thing?

At Fox, marketing and communication fall under the umbrella of one department. I doubt that many churches think of marketing and communication being interrelated within their structure. What would it look like if they did?

I came home and saw this story on Yahoo.

“The church in more ways than not is mirroring Wall Street and the world and Madison Avenue,” says H. B. London, vice president of pastoral ministries at Focus on the Family, a national resource network for evangelical Christians. “We’re [lagging] behind them to a certain degree, but we’re using all their techniques.”

Why am I reminded of Christ being tempted by Satan to sell out to the world? Does God really want a church modeled after the way that Wall Street is set up? I donít think I want to worship at such a business . . . I mean, church.

Hearing about experiences such as these makes me wonder if thereís a way to be authentic in marketing, or is marketing so jaded that thereís no hope for redemption? Is there a need for it in the church, or is marketing just something thatís ìof this worldî?

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