Women Bloggers: Spiritual Musings in the Daily Life

This week Iím helping out with VBS at church, and man: am I out of shape – not physically, but coming-up-with-kid-activities shape. Who forgets how to play Headís Up, 7-Up? Iím trying to be intentional about keeping an eye on pulse of our youth – but apparently Iíve gotta keep digging deeper. 😉

In my bloglines account through the Dtour aggregator the title of this post caught my eye – partially because Iíd love to know some cool emerging/missional blogging chicks, and partially because selfishly I want to be one (ah, Paul, this dying to Self thing is not an easy matter). Much to my shock, folks had actually mentioned my blog! And, folks commented that it wasnít overly obvious that I was a female blogger (the initials thing is rather ambiguous) – I hadnít ever thought about that: seems like it could put a different slant reading a blog and not knowing the authorís gender.

I posted a comment on his site (itís lengthy – sorry: my verbal interaction today with folks has mostly been ěget in line and march quietly!î and ěwho knows the ëpeanut, peanut butter . . . and jellyí song?î). Iíve never really thought about the lack of female ětheologian-typeî bloggers. Most female author blogs that I read revolve around motherhood, knitting, cooking, and some really great female marketing blogs – they’re not necessarily of the hip/tech/pointedly spiritual nature.

I started wondering if men have more compartmentalized lives than women. When I was younger, I could always pester my mom at work – folks knew she was first and foremost a mom. But I didnít always have that freedom with my dad: folks expected him to act a certain way, to do business at work and home-stuff at home.

I also wondered if women are blogging ec-style: they just donít directly mention it: they do rather than speak. Iíve been intentional about using this blog as a forum to discuss things of a more spiritual nature; I have another blog that talks about the ins and outs of life as a new Mom. Itís more tapping into viewership: if youíre looking for thoughts on why young adults donít attend church, you probably donít want to wade through a story of an eleven-month oldís irregular bowel movements.

But thatís the thing about womensí lives: they donít compartmentalize – it all relates.

  • When I go out to coffee with my pastor to talk about new ways our church body could engage our community, I take my son and chase after him, making sure he doesnít eat all the coffee shopís sugar packets.
  • When I explore ways to have a more intergenerational worship gatherings, itís because I want to worship with my son – not have him segregated in his own classroom all the time.
  • When I converse with others at the grocery store as they stop to talk to Judah, itís because I believe God has given me an opportunity to engage folks through this experience of motherhood.

Itís all connected: itís not necessarily black and white or laid out in nice bullets like Iíve just done. But looking closely at the telling of the daily details paints a (w)holistic picture of living an integrated life of seaching/questions/engaging/converting/becoming.

I think cool ec chick bloggers are out there: what are we doing to seek them out?

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