Itís been a week since Yearly Meeting concluded – a week and a half since the workshop on The Missing Generation concluded. Iíve heard a bit of response: folks asking how it all went, people throwing out a few ideas here and there of where to go from here.

But Iím restless: my spirit is unsettled to the point that Iím not sleeping well at night (and sleeping is one activity I excel at). I sense an excitement and a need for further discussion – conversation – creating space to listen: and then action – individuals, groups, concerned people going out in their daily lives and then coming together to strengthen and equip each other for further ěadventuresî.

I *hear* a lot of people say the same thing; I donít *see* it happening.

A friend commented on his experiences: ěYoung adults who have attended church have an attitude of entitlement; young adults who have not attended church have questions (sometimes tough) that they want answered, and they want a place where they can invest – give back – give their selves.î

Has this been your experience?

I ache to be intentional about pursuing relationships with young adults. I desire that our yearly meeting not only recognizes the lack of young adults in our population, but that they listen for Christís direction – and then actually do it!

Would you be interested in gathering? Not just folks from NWYM, but anyone with a concern for being intentional in building relationships with young adults. I know so many folks my age who are aching, restless, hopeless because the world is yelling empty solutions in their face and the church passively stands in the corner and whispers words that donít have a chance of being heard.

Call me: email me: leave a comment: even if you are in a different local, I believe God will honor our desire to be in contact. Your experiences – thoughts – concerns – anger – frustration – joy – support – love.

Do you have the ache?

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