NWYM Annual Sessions 2005 – Day 6: Board Meeting

Itís our last day of board meetings! At least, itís the last day for our board – sometimes business is taken care of on Friday, but itís usually not desirable: we love each other, but weíre not *that* ìFriendlyî. ì:)

We discussed the Hispanic Ministries Task Force: what the difference between a board and a task force (board is supervisory where task force is going out and doing the work), how many members should be on the task force (we decided 5-7), how people can be ex officio members and not need to be task force members (i.e. donít need to be part of the final decision making process), what type of representation should be on the task force (itís lacking women – not necessarily bad, but should be intentionally pursued), who should be part of the ìexecî task force (can make decisions when the whole task force canít meet – 3).

We heard from two of the Hispanic Ministries pastors, and man: are they on fire! The presented statistics showing the number of Hispanic folks in Oregon cities, and the number of Hispanic churches in each of those cities. Their goal is to have started ten healthy churches within ten years, and to have the largest Hispanic Friends Churches in the U.S. (I think). Currently there are four gatherings: Vancouver, Reedwood, Newberg (which is actually a ministry of Newberg Friends), and McMinnville. Check out their website. It’s a lot better than many of our longstanding church’s websites: these guys are going all the way!

We talked about building stuff – a New Works site has a commercial building on its property and thatís creating some interesting situations to deal with (city stuff, rent stuff, tax stuff, zoning stuff). Being a people-person and a tired-mama, I didnít track the conversation very well: it was all details about stuff, not people. And I was brainstorming about Young Adult stuff before I entered back into full-time mamahood.

The process for planting a new church/mission point/works came up: when does the Board get involved. Sometimes folks donít feel like ìstartingî anything – even if itís just a meeting for clearness – without the Boardís blessing. The New Works director wants to bless these individuals to go out – do their work – follow their call. Once things get rolling, then the evaluation, equipping, enabling, supporting process begins. Keeps these works from being theories and good ideas, but rather being realities.

Weíre having our fall retreat on November 14th at New Life in Vancouver. Should be a good time of regrouping and deeper discussion. I hope to have received a Board of Evangelism ìmanualî by then (Iíve heard one exists, but somehow we canít exist in the same room).

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